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quizkid - "333" (CASSETTE+DL)

quizkid - "333" (CASSETTE+DL)

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The cassette tape of the 10th anniversary reissue of quizkid's "333" released in 2013 is now in stock, and the CD released by Say Hello to Never Recordings at the time has long been out of print.
I think it is quite Japanese rock when I listen to it now, but when I think that in the context of Japanese alternative rock, it may have been the history of the process of incorporating emo, alterna, post-hardcore, etc. into song interpretations in the 90s, I feel that it is "Japanese rock" in this time, I feel that it is not wrong to feel "Japanese rock" in this day and age. I also feel that the works of those who came before us and the respect we have for them are too much underestimated. Anyway, emo and alternative have now become guitar rock. Those who can feel the difference behind them are an endangered species. I am, and you are, too.

tracklist: A-1.
A-1. hunger ni mayak
A-2. flask
A-3. right cheek
B-1. golgotha
B-2. for the time being
B-3. left alone

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