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sans visage - "moments" (LP: Maroon)

sans visage - "moments" (LP: Maroon)

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Tokyo, Japan's hardcore band, sans visage, is now available on LP on Dog Knights. 3LA's past demos and splits have sold out immediately, and we've done interviews with the band! The band is a band with members who have been listening to the passionate scene since they were teenagers, members who are currently organizing tours for international bands, and have been involved with Nengu and many other bands. It may be no exaggeration to say that they are the core band of the newly formed scene. There is a lot of superficial information about them, but I have the impression that their love of passion is genuine and they seem to have more fun than anyone else in the live house, and the positive energy they express is overflowing. It's a natural mix of European intensity and Japanese EMO sensibilities, and has a momentum that seems to jump out of the underground scene.

tracklist: 1.
1. 22 03:38
2. song1 01:53
song2 02:51
4. worthless 02:16
5. denial 02:23
6. alt 00:45
7. barricade 03:11
8. distance 02:30
9. life 04:05
10. sway 03:18
11. past 05:30

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