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sassya- - "Songs for" (CD)

sassya- - "Songs for" (CD)

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Formed in Tokyo in 2012, since their second album "Sekizui" (2019), which became their masterpiece. The band has consistently released works such as "Kokyu" and "Not The End”.
"Songs for", a three-song album completed in 2024, captures the moment when these small changes are about to create a big wave. The three songs, "Kiminouta" "Pool," and "5.4inch," are each six minutes long, and each has a dramatic quality, and instead of the keywords of "resentment" and "loneliness" that were once sung about, the songs are about people living together, memories, love, and the future. Here is the edge of Japanese rock that continues to be renewed even after being rubbed and worn out tens of thousands of times. this is Life.

1. 君の歌
2. プール
3. 5.4inch

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