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schedars - "schedars" (LP)

schedars - "schedars" (LP)

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The first album by Tokyo's hottest Tokyo Post Punk/No Wave, schedars, will arrive in 2023!

Formed in 2021, Tokyo's post-punk schedars records will be arriving. This is so cool. It may not be easily snatched by any scene, but it's an important record released in 2023.
Guitarist Enrique Enrique, who is also known as the guitarist of the isolated Emily likes tennis ("cardboard hardcore" according to SPOILMAN Kashima), plays the guitar in schedars, which is introduced as "post-punk" in many places, but is actually a band with a post-punk skin... Something crossover... Something crossover... something else that is hard to describe...? It's hard to describe. In terms of visuals and sound, the front female vocalist and saxophonist are floral, and the music inherits the sound of the 70's and 80's New Wave/Post Punk and No Wave context, but the drum and bass playing is too good at a strange level, and the sound and groove that no one in the punk roots could produce is too good. The drum and bass playing is too good, and the sound and groove is too much.... A fusion of DNA-like impulses.
I haven't heard them on vinyl and haven't seen them live yet, so I may rewrite this review later. I feel the madness of the saxophonist (especially when he is not playing) when I see the live video. But this album is only on vinyl, no CD?

tracklist: A1.
A1.waste site
cold storage
A4.secrets leak out like gas
A5.left with...
B1.paranoidea the morning I eat rotten meat
B4.your lost city
B5.shameless display

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