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SeeK - "故郷で死ぬ男(KOKYOU DE SHINU OTOKO)" (2xLP: Frankenflame variant)

SeeK - "故郷で死ぬ男(KOKYOU DE SHINU OTOKO)" (2xLP: Frankenflame variant)

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A masterpiece released in 2023, the 2LP analog version of Osaka SeeK's album "The Man Who Dies In His Hometown" is now arriving!

The album, which received a great response from metal listeners all over the country and abroad, is released on Silent Pendulum Records, which is run by Michael, who is also the drummer of Dowfall Of Gaia and So Hideous. The record color, which seems to resonate from the band's isolation and mutability, is brilliant, and this commitment is the label's work.

The two-disc set makes it more expensive in terms of money, but the result will not betray those who want to get this work in analog form.

--- The following is the text of the CD release ---

"Rock 'n' roll that panders to the values that the masses worship is dead.
Rock 'n' roll that panders to the values that the masses revere will only die.
It is not music that has been rationalized/optimized to pop music in the name of "survival," and then released into the sea of megas and bits that are swirling and drifting countless times in this modern world accelerated daily by social networking services. Wouldn't you like to hear it?

The first album by Osaka SeeK, completed in 2023, is a masterpiece of Japanese extreme music that is a strong antithesis of the present age, and is perfect for such listeners. SeeK has been active in Osaka for a long time and has released a number of solo EPs and split albums, but until now there has been no album-sized work, and this is the long-awaited first album by SeeK. The fact that the album is being released on Deliver B Records, which is headed by Toshi, a vocalist in the world-class PALM band, also from Osaka, is also a hot point.

While the sound follows the doom/post-metal and black metal context played in the spirit of hardcore punk represented by bands such as Neurosis and Fall Of Efrafa, the band has developed an originality that exudes from their entire body, which is the result of facing themselves and pursuing a thorough Japanese expression. The sound, lyrics, and artwork of this album are more than enough to feel the originality of the band. As the band's name "SeeK" means "seeking," there are traces of trial-and-error in their trajectory, which is aptly described as a "pioneering spirit.

The band had a period of time when they had an irregular formation with twin bass and no guitar, but after a change of members, this album was produced with a three-piece formation of Vo+Gt+Dr. However, despite being a three-piece, the raging SeeK sound with its intense bass resonating through can feel the history of various times in the past and its accumulation, and the seamless way in which it is the first album expresses the grandeur of the compilation of the past. The title of the album, "A Man Dying in His Hometown," is presented along with the towering artwork. What is the meaning of this word, which sounds like a Japanese movie from the Showa period?

For heavy rock listeners living in the present, please feel the burning soul that is engraved in the sound and the depths of this album, which is the fruit of a strong antithesis toward the present age.

3.黒い雨-KUROI AME-

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