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SeeK - "朽ちていく中で" (CD EP)

SeeK - "朽ちていく中で" (CD EP)

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SeeK is a hardcore band from Osaka, Japan.

The band's pursuit of heaviness and darkness has elevated their musicality to something completely unique. The twin-bass formation is also understandable. There is ambient music that plays beautiful melodies, doom that reflects the dark side, sludge parts, and intense blast beats, but what is consistent is the heaviness of the sound.

It can be described as a post-metal sound with a heavy bass sound like NEUROSIS, ISIS, or LIGHT BEARER, but it is not a sound that pursues the beauty and transparency that bands with post-rock roots reach, but a dirty sound that has clearly arrived at the extreme music side. It has a dirty side that was clearly arrived at from the side of extreme music.

The band has a heavy, black, and beautiful sound to the point of artistry.

1. 朽ちていく中で 14:00
3. the moss which grows in faith 13:13

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