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SEMENTOS + Older - "Post Marked Stamps #3"(SPLIT CD)

SEMENTOS + Older - "Post Marked Stamps #3"(SPLIT CD)

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This is the third installment of the "Post Marked Stamps" series, a split CD between Tokyo's SEMENTOS and UK London's Older.

Tokyo's SEMENTOS has a mysterious catchphrase, "a fusion of JAWBREAKER and Chiharu Matsuyama. Putting that aside for the moment, the base of the album is guitar rock with riffs, and while the style is not Japanese in that it is mainly riffs rather than chord progressions, the lyrics and melodies are thoroughly Japanese "songs". To put it simply, it is like Eastern Youth, but Eastern Youth is not so riff-driven. It may be similar to the feeling of "putting rap" on a track. Also, the music video is cool.

Older from the UK, on the other hand, is a band from the UK that has not appeared on the scene since 2020.

However, the bands that do emerge are pretty much following the Screamo style, which is different from the twisted underground feel and classical European style beauty, and I think it points in a different direction from the recent Skramz-ization and return to the 00's in the US. It is somewhat consistent with the "Post Marked Stamps" series so far. Ambivalence In Technicolor" is quite dramatic.

1. まんまる(SEMENTOS)
2. Theseus(Older)
3. 焼石に水を(SEMENTOS)
4. Ambivalence In Technicolor(Older)
5. 百鬼夜行(SEMENTOS)

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