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Shibuya - "Apolo" (LP)

Shibuya - "Apolo" (LP)

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Spanish hardcore band SHIBUYA (why...) This album is a co-release of labels around the world, but comes from the well-known Italian label Shove Records.

The band's history is still short, and they have made albums in 2018 and 2019, but the details are unknown.

The band has a strange balance of “lightness” characteristic of Spanish hardcore, combined with major progression chord work. The songs #2 and #10 are particularly good, as they show this tendency. Overall, the brightness and lightness of the music may not be to everyone's liking, so diggers who like underground music will probably have different tastes.

1. Ryoga 03:42
2. La Tempestad 04:32
3. Nocturna 03:23
4. Respiro Al Pasar 03:14
5. El Faro 05:50
6. Una Bestia Indomable 04:10
7. No Es El Momento 01:55
8. No Para De Llover 04:39
9. Mis Huesos 03:53
10. Un Velo Al Viento 04:51

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