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soccer. - "Seasons Move Forward" (CD)

soccer. - "Seasons Move Forward" (CD)

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What are you eating to arrive at such a sound? The first album by Tokyo's soccer. has finally been completed and is now in stock.
I think the sound of the split album with OnsokuBBA was like an "emo revival" sound, but my memory is wrong. The way they scream with passionate hardcore with a classical European mood is the beauty of the sans visage style that I have missed. However, it is not a return to the 00's, but something more current and Japanese. The band has acquired a more intense style of music with a stronger beat than the guitar band style of the past, and the whole album comes to life when an emo song like "Miracles" is placed at the end of the songs.
But I still prefer the harder songs! We are too young to be emo.

1. Hurting
2. Winter '21
3. III
4. still
5. IV
6. _
7. Miracles


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