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"Have you ever listened to "Extended Play I?"" (Excerpt from the lyrics of M1 "Little Ripper")
If you haven't heard it, you should, and that runs through the foundation of this album.

In the 2020s, the value of music is becoming increasingly visible, replaced by the number of followers, impressions, and streaming plays on social networking sites. The media focuses on concept and context, and artists control them, touting how well they are marketing themselves. Music is becoming a "smart people's" thing, with the Establishment acting like an authority figure, intimidating the weak and out-of-touch to "update" their music.
Do you sometimes lose faith in the value of your favorite music? But that's okay, because the supremely dim-witted band SPOILMAN has completed their fifth album, BASTERD NERD PIG, in 2023.

The band will release their 4th album "UNDERTOW" and "COMBER" simultaneously this year in 2023, which will be welcomed by many listeners with great acclaim, and will further expand their tour to the north and south of Japan for the first time in their career. While the band's reputation in the live house scene was growing due to their performances supported by their high performance ability, the production speed accelerated further in parallel with the tours, and they produced and completed their third album within this year.

"Our third album of the year and sixth album in total is our fifth album." .... This list of words alone is enough to drive you crazy, but it is fair to say that "BASTERD NERD PIG" is the complete opposite of "UNDERTOW" and "COMBER," their previous works, which are considered to be their masterpieces. In contrast to the previous album, which was lavishly produced with many guest musicians, the performances on "BASTERD NERD PIG" were recorded by only three band members in one day, with no overdubbing, in pursuit of simplicity. The mixing/mastering of the album is a new world apart from his previous works.
If this album were to be compared to a Shellac album, it would be "Dude Incredible.
The post-hardcore alternative rock sounding on the other side of the age has an aesthetic of subtraction.

1. Little Ripper
2. The Water
3. Idiot
4. Fire Starter
5. Rolling Man
6. Vanilla Vanilla Vanilla (The Keeley cover)
7. Full Swing Axe
8. Basterd Nerd Pig
9. The Room
10. Why
11. All Right Now


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