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SPOILMAN, active since 2019, is an alternative/grunge band influenced by US grunge and post-hardcore with songs that respect The Jesus Lizard and inherit its perversity. The band has been producing albums at a very fast pace, releasing three albums soon after their formation, "Body" (2020), "Solid Green" (2021), and "Harmony" (2022), all on Kerosene Records. In 2023, the two albums "UNDERTOW" and "COMBER", the two sides of the same coin, will be completed and released on 3LA (LongLegsLongArms Records).



1. Falling Ceiling 04:53
2. AlterEgo OverDrive 07:29
3. Swan Boat 05:00
4. Residents' Resignation 04:00
5. Clock Man 12:46
6. Eucalyptus Hole 03:26
7. Super Pyramid Schems 04:45
8. UNDERTOW 02:21

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