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Stubborn Father - "Stubborn Father "(2xCD)

Stubborn Father - "Stubborn Father "(2xCD)

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This album is the 1s album of Stubborn Father, 20 years after the band's formation. Although they have never released an album, the band has a history worth telling: after releasing demos in 1999 and 2000, respectively, they released two mini-albums, "a road that leads to nowhere" (2002) and "THE GAME FOR BRIDGING THE GAP" (2006), and in 2014, a double cassette "2002-2012", a compilation of V.A. tracks released during the 10 years between 2002 and 2012, a split with ANCHOR (2002), and a split with R3N7 (2012), was released on US label The cassettes were released on Meatcube in the U.S. and sold out. He also released a split with TRIKORONA in 2014 and a 4-way split 12inch with US's Altar Of Complaints, THETAN, and Osaka's SeeK in 2015, and has released over 10 titles to date. Although this is their first album, it is the culmination of their history of activities to date, created while sustaining the band's destructive impulse in a manner completely different from their initial impulse.
It should be noted that the songs on this album include existing songs such as #4 "Birthmark" and #9 "Mountains of Creation," but all of them were newly recorded for the album, and the songs have evolved to a level that is completely different from the previous versions. The sound engineer is Otonashi of nemu, and the album is a further development of the sound image shown in the split work with TRIKORONA released in 2014, updating the sound of passionate hardcore and emo violence that has evolved independently in Osaka in terms of music and sound. The new songs are naturally unified at the same sound level, and listeners who know Stubborn Father from the past will feel that the band has reached a new level. The band's violently dirty, raw sound and the depth of expression in their passionate hardcore are intense, but there is much more to this album than just the sound. Suzuki of ex.ANODE joins as a guest vocalist to perform #3 "Hidden Sun", and Akifumi Nakajima of AUBE (2013 R.I.P.) joins as a guest noise vocalist to perform #10 "You are still dust that does not burn". In particular, #10 is a successful experimental crossover of the world-acclaimed electronic noise and the intense hardcore of the Kansai underground scene, and is a must-listen as the album reaches its climax in the best possible way.
Their sound, which began in the Kansai scene in Osaka, has continued to evolve and reach this point, mixing the intense hardcore and emo-violence that originated overseas with local Japanese hardcore. The band has undergone several member changes, but has moved forward by continuing to create sound even in times of adversity. Please listen to the proof of their existence that they have finally unleashed in their 20th year, a milestone in their history.

tracklist: Disc 1
1. interstitial
2. process
3. hidden sun
4. bruise
5. foot of the twelfth day
6. back side
7. anode
8. tuesday
9. the mountain of creation
10. you remain unburnt dust
Disc2: 1. tangible
1. tangible


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