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Suis La Lune - Riala (LP)

Suis La Lune - Riala (LP)

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Suis La Lune's second album, which was revived after a 10-year absence with the DogKnihgts reissue in 2023.

After gaining a huge following in the underground hardcore scene, "Riala" was released on Topshelf in 2012, but it may not have been well received by listeners who were looking for the emotive and impulsive music of the early days. I think the main reason for this is that the ratio of hardcore songs has decreased, but now that some time has passed, listeners who thought it was too subtle back then should give it a second listen. It is true that the mid BPMs and the delicate and fragile nuances of the early days have changed, but the level of the music, performance, and sound is still very high, and this has been recognized by various media, and more importantly, it has become strong enough to be supported by the listeners who follow Topshelf. I think it was strong enough to be supported by the listeners who follow Topshelf. There are glimpses of nerdy nerd Skramz trying their best to entertain the sunny EMO-people, but it is the sound that is not sitting in the safe haven of the underground, but stepping out to try something challenging (or maybe they have been doing that since the beginning) that makes it worth listening to even after 10 years have passed. It is still worth listening to. To the passion after the initial impulse has passed.

1. Cornea 03:35
2. Stop Motion 03:02
3. Wishes & Hope 03:11
4. Hands Are For Helping 02:14
5. In Confidence 04:50
6. Remorse 03:20
7. All That Meant Something 03:56
8. Riala 02:32
9. Sense In A Broken Dialogue 05:22
10. One And All, Every Bit 07:06

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