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Svdestada - "candela" (CD)

Svdestada - "candela" (CD)

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Svdestada was formed in Madrid, Spain, by Mario C. Vaises, vocalist of Khmer, who has visited Japan twice, and once again teamed up with Iván Ferro (ex.Ictus, Khmer), engineer of Kollapse Studio. In 2021, they released their first album, "Yo Soy El Mar," and in 2021, they completed "Azabache," a masterpiece of "Spanish neoclassical renewal" that combines tango elements. The band's third album, "candela," recorded in 2023, will finally be completed and released in 2024.

The band's sound is a mix of Spanish neoclassical, death metal, and post-metal with their own interpretation of hardcore. The cover artwork of this album is colored in "red," a color that could be described as an "inner flame," and it shows their attitude toward the real world, which is a mixture of much despair and a little hope. The progressive structure of the music, the The progressive structure of the songs and the drama of the melodic melodies are strengthened in the second album, while the brutal expression is stronger and more straightforward in this album. The songs are about despair, emptiness, helplessness, loneliness, and various negativity that the mind holds, but they also express the strength of Spanish hardcore, which is driven by an inner fire, the final fighting spirit that humans cannot let go of, and they go back to their roots, which is typical of them. The poetic expression that can be described as Mario's verse and the performances by the members involved in various aspects of the Spanish metal grind scene propel the band even further forward on this monstrous work.

1. Nudo / 結び目 02:22
2. Cierzo / 北風 03:17
3. Amargor / 苦しみ 03:44
4. Efímero / つかの間 04:44
5. Hilonegro / 黒糸 04:18
6. Sinvivir / 夢うつつ 03:04
7. Candela / 蝋燭 11:47

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