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Syndrome81 - "Prisons imaginaires" (LP)

Syndrome81 - "Prisons imaginaires" (LP)

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Huh? It's too cool. This is a 2022 release by Oi! punks Syndrome 81 from Brest, France. It's labeled "Oi!" but that's not all. Punk with a post-punk flavor and no-distortion guitars, with a transparent and delicate tone.

The 8 beats and single-note riffs carved with minor scales are wonderful, but above all, playing with this sound is an invention. It's the perfect counterpoint to the bass-heavy loud sound, embodying sharp punk with a hint of melancholy.

1. Vivre et mourir 02:08
2. Dans les rues de Brest 02:38
3. Futur périmé 02:50
4. Avenir 03:09
5. Violence sociale 01:25
6. Les derniers jours 02:41
7. La ville 01:33
8. Des nuits blanches 02:59
9. Toujours à l'ouest 01:43
10. Béton froid 02:41
11. Sur la brèche 01:17
12. Fuir son passé 02:53
13. Lumière magnetique 02:41

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