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THE ACT WE ACT - "Flicker" (LP+DL)

THE ACT WE ACT - "Flicker" (LP+DL)

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You should definitely buy this one.

THE ACT WE ACT is releasing their third album on their own label, and it's a great one.

What is it, abstract hardcore punk? It is of course a very exciting work in the context of chaotic hardcore (in the sense of true deviation, not chaotic style) from 3LA's point of view, and it has a genre-crossing type of deviation from hardcore that is similar to the current quiqui and xonto, and an interpretation/innovation of rhythm that leads to an interesting “I don't know” feeling. There is a kind of interpretation/innovation of rhythm, and the expression that makes “I don't know” interesting is well established. The sound is also very good.
What is flicker? A flicker of light, a moment of idea/emotion. It is found in the refrain of the sound.

This record is priced at 2,800 yen including tax? Is it even possible to calculate? You should buy it, because I'm sure it's a profit-neutral work, and the number of copies will be limited.


Bonus track. 歩き方(acind_fris remix)
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