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The Incompleteness Theorem - "st" (CDR)

The Incompleteness Theorem - "st" (CDR)

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This is much SHOBO, but there is something funny about it.
It's played on a lo-fi recording, but it's probably Skramz, and I don't know what wave it is, but for some reason I like the mass rock/pastoral emo-style of the performance.
Maybe this is the true showboating indie rock that we should not be listening to in 2023.
Something isolated from the conservative scene, something that sounds like a bedroom = a private place of feelings. There are melodies there that become songs, so there is nothing wrong with that.
The album covers are all handmade and all different, so they are not the images on this page. Personally, I think people who like LEG DAY will like it, what do you think?

1. coughing up your lungs 04:29
2. it's pizza rolls not pizza pockets 01:47
3. receding skies 01:28
4. stars//little bridges 02:10
5. crawling up your sleeves 04:30
6. visions of a vacancy 04:10
7. secret peace 02:57

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