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Touche Amore - " the beat of a dead horse" (LP: Black Ice)

Touche Amore - " the beat of a dead horse" (LP: Black Ice)

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This is the first album of Touch Amore, which is even considered to be a masterpiece of US intense hardcore.
If you ask me if it is a masterpiece that will go down in history, I would say that it does not have a very innovative sound, and I don't think so, but it has fast emotive hardcore, solid recording, screamo but with melodies that can be easily heard, and overall, it has enough room in a good way to bring in listeners who have not listened to hardcore until now. Overall, there is enough room for listeners who haven't listened to hardcore before.

he band has a good mix of European and American influences such as Orchid and Raein, with a European dramatic intensity and progressive compositional beauty, while grounding itself in 90's emo and post-hardcore. As is true in any scene, as the scene matures to a certain degree, bands with a high degree of perfection from the very beginning emerge. The quality of these bands is due to the existence of bands that pioneered the scene in the previous era, but there is no denying that there is a definite barrier between bands that experienced the early days of the scene and bands that came after them.

Their music is certainly great, but in this day and age, they have to go further, and that is the new ground they show in their next album, "Parting The Sea Btween Brightness And Me. They wrote something like that, but they have been updating after that with each work, and it was still great.

1. And Now It's Happening In Mine 1:37
2. Honest Sleep 2:32
3. Cadence 1:47
4. Throwing Copper 2:21
5. Swimming With The Sharks 1:03
6. History Reshits Itself 1:32
7. Suckerfish 1:38
8. Broken Records 1:34
9. Nine 0:44
10. Always Running, Never Looking Back 2:11
11. Adeiux 1:25

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