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[...] UNCIVILIZED GIRLS MEMORY, 2023, released on dotsmark.
The context is left to the release info, but I think "Heaven" is too hellish noise or violence, and the word "power electronics and depressive black metal" fits best, but I think it is "Hell". Even if you don't know what "power electronics" is, there is no problem if you think of it as punk hardcore or black metal. I feel the same thing at the base. The artwork is particularly remarkable and shows the gap between the body and spirit that Kenso Sugimoto expresses. It is interesting to see the fusion of this anime-like worldview and musicality. Is this the soundtrack of this modern society at the end of the Sekaikei? Buy the jacket.

1. Incubator
2. Ode to the angels embryo
3. エス
4. Raven
5. R0G0B255
6. Etude for heaven
7. Reserved death
8. Cadenza
9. Heaven
10. ex.Heaven

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