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V.A - "ろくろ"(rokuro) (CD)

V.A - "ろくろ"(rokuro) (CD)

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This compilation, the first on the 3LA label, is an omnibus work consisting of 14 songs by 12 bands.

At first listen, the bands on this compilation may seem to be an omnibus with no real connection to the other bands, as their styles are so disparate. This work contains only bands that I have actually met in various places in Japan during my activities as a label and distro member of 3LA.

In other words, these are bands that I have confirmed with my own eyes and ears, and whose quality is guaranteed. Among them are bands that resonate with the "neoclassist" and "brackend" musicality that has been attracting attention in recent years, and bands that have opened up new areas of extreme music at the end of excessive crossover and extreme returns to their origins. Naturally, the careers of the bands are diverse, with some newcomers having just formed, while others are veterans who have been active in the scene for a long time and have gained a large following.

The bands have a wide range of backgrounds and regions of activity, but career has nothing to do with the bands' attitude of pursuing their own musicality through trial and error, without being satisfied with only the existing perfection of their music. What is important is not "what kind of career the band has had," but "what kind of sound they are making now. Yes, I made this omnibus by cutting out the ongoing "now. The bands I have gathered here are interesting in a different way from the movements originating in Europe and the United States.

Rather than following the mainstream Western scene, they are from the Far East, where language, history, and culture are different, and where punk, hardcore, black metal, and various other types of music are interpreted in a unique way. The alternative possibilities of extreme music can be felt in the songs of the recorded bands. This is certainly music that was born in Japan. To help listeners understand the music, interviews with the bands included in this album are also included.

I want you to know from their words, not mine, what they are thinking about and what they are trying to express. And I want you to listen to this soundtrack over and over again. If you do so, you will understand that even though the bands have a rare style that could be described as isolated in Japan, they share something underlying in common. If you can sense this mysterious resonance, you will realize that this is not only true for a few of the bands included in the omnibus, but also for you, the listener from the Far East.

At that moment, the music will change from being just music, and will seep into your brain and into your whole body, becoming your flesh and blood, and becoming the power to create something new again. It is my sincere hope that this work will be a catalyst for all who listen to it.

1. ILIAS - 存在と理由
2. The Donor - Kagerou
3. KUGURIDO - 桃源郷夜想曲
6. SWARRRM - march
7. unfaded - 漆黒
8. PRIZE OF RUST - Decade
9. PRIZE OF RUST - Spectator
10. ENSLAVE - Killing Me Softly
11. Pterion - Schwein
12. ungodly - 蝕
13. Yvonxhe - Incessant Mournful Tale
14. Vertraft - MEMORIZE

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