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Viva Belgrado - "Bellavista" (CD)

Viva Belgrado - "Bellavista" (CD)

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This is the third album released in 2020 by Viva Belgrado, a post-hardcore band from Cordoba, Spain.

The band, which has been pushing forward with intensity in its first and second albums, has gone off the path of the "post-hardcore" genre. This is a masterpiece. But I don't think this will go unnoticed, and if it's not good enough, there's a danger of being given up on by the hardcore fans. But they did it. They stepped in. The range of their music ranges from intense passion to lo-fi hip-hop, and they have a sense of putting together a single album of songs with an unbelievable gap between high and low, and it has a classical sound that goes through even the songs that might seem uncomfortable based on the melodies and phrases that are the motifs of the album.

Japanese keywords such as "Shinji Ikari" and "Ikebukuro Sunshine" can be seen in the titles of the songs, which are remnants of a time when Japan was still ahead of the world, and the "Japan" they have is an illusion, different from nostalgia for us. But Evangelion still lives on like a zombie, and the Ikebukuro Sunshine stands tall like a tombstone. The frustration of living, melancholy, and escape. Listening to the album as a whole, there is a sense of exhilaration, as if you have just gone through a long tunnel.

At this point in 2020, it is sure to be among the best of the year.

1. Una Soga
2. Bellavista
3. Cerecita Blues
4. Más Triste Que Shinji Ikari
5. Un Collar
6. Ikebukuro Sunshine
7. Vicios
8. Shibari Emocional
9. Amapolita Blues
10. Lindavista
11. ¿Qué Hay Detrás de la Ventana?

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