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Viva Belgrado - "Flores, Carne" (CD)

Viva Belgrado - "Flores, Carne" (CD)

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Bands released by Tokyo Jupiter Records are all full of beautiful tones, even when they are intense. The first album by Viva Belgrado, a hardcore/post-rock band from Cordoba, Spain, who also visited Japan, was no exception.

The band's new generation of Spanish post-hardcore is beautifully, colorfully, and dramatically written, blending passionate hardcore with a grand post-rock/shoegaze sound, using crisp, urgent screams in Spanish and poetry reading.

They are currently releasing their latest album, but this first one is also very popular.

1. Báltica
2. De Carne y Flor
3. Madreselva
4. Höstsonaten
5. Los Olivos
6. Cáncer, Capricornio
7. ~
8. La Reina Pálida
9. Archipiélagos *
10. Osario
11. Córdoba, 2014
*bonus track

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