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Viva Belgrado -"Ulises" (CD)

Viva Belgrado -"Ulises" (CD)

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This is the second album by a Spanish emo band, which released its first album on Tokyo Jupiter Records and has since been gaining momentum with appearances at major European festivals and a touring push.

The band's second album is a European type of hardcore that takes the first album to the next level, but it is a good burst of creativity from a band that has a lot of momentum.

The band's creativity is bursting at the seams. Rather than squeezing out ideas, they seem to be putting their energy, which is bubbling up one after another, directly onto the sound, and it is full of freshness. It is not that they are doing anything new, but their hard-core roots are mixed well with the pleasant aspects of classic post-rock and emo. That is not to say that the band is all about momentum. The songs have a wide range of expression, and both the vocalists and performers have a wide range of expressions. As an album, it is of very high quality.

1. Calathea
2. Pleiades/Pasaportes
3. Por la mañana, temprano
4. Aeropuertos
5. Erida
6. Annapurnas
7. Transatlántica
8. Fresas Salvajes
9. Apaga la llum
10. Cassiopeia/Contraluces
11. Ravenala

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