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WEEP - "Another Possibility" (CD EP)

WEEP - "Another Possibility" (CD EP)

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WEEP's 2024 EP, which also features their previous work, is a lyrical hardcore that is unmistakably 3LA.

The drums have become sharper and more aggressive, and the guitars, which are divided into left and right in the ensemble, are more prominent, while the sense of bass has receded. Overall, the "separation of sound" has become much clearer and sharper, but the lightness of the sound seems to be a trade-off for the heaviness, and compared to the previous album, there is still a sense of sound that is a little too dirty.

However, I don't think it is half-hearted to face "melodic hardcore" in this age of harmony.


This is the Tokyo-based hardcore band's second EP, their first in about a year.

After listening to this album, it can be simply said that the band's energetic live performances have further increased the persuasive power of their music.
The basic line has not changed from the previous work, and the impression is that it has become more passionate and muddy while sticking to the same basic line.

I strongly recommend this album to those who like the sound of early "nervous light of sunday", ORION, Against One's Well (Pre. AOW), modern old school bands in the 2000's (especially in Western Europe, Don't Trust The Hype and I FOR US on labels), and others. I strongly recommend this album.

1. Uncertain Future
2. To Someone We’ve Never Seen
3. Broken Up

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