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Wet Petals – "Discography" (LP :Ltd 100)

Wet Petals – "Discography" (LP :Ltd 100)

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NY's Wet Petals were active from 2012-2017, and 3LA has previously had cassette recordings in stock. This record is a discography LP documenting their activities, co-released by Larry Records and Friendly Otter Records in a limited pressing of only 100 copies, with a 20-page booklet, and includes a Larry Records piracy sticker.
Within the US Screamo/Skramz scene, NY has been the birthplace of many new bands, and indeed Larry Records is right, there is beauty in Wet Petals. The sound itself may be mundane, but the recordings are recorded in a way that conveys the dynamics of the performance, and there are plenty of gaps between the drums, bass, and guitars to create something of an atmosphere.

1. metamorphic moon 02:41
2. a soft prenatal landscape 02:54
3. amphetamines x ad infinitum 01:30
4. reptilian love 02:29
5. interlude 01:31
6. underneath the plastic rainbow 02:25
7. cellophane swan 02:45
8. cascade 03:24
9. afterpastures 01:56
10. interlude 01:16
11. an echo in the carnage 01:30
12. opium summer 03:33
13. underneath the plastic rainbow 02:16
14. ___________________ 01:43
15. peach, plum, pear 02:49
16. underneath the plastic rainbow, perpetually bludgeoned by unicornz 02:32
17. reptilian love 02:51

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