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wetnap - "gnarled"(cassette tape)

wetnap - "gnarled"(cassette tape)

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As of 2022, there are many fascinating releases by Japanese bands. The releases on the DEBAUCH MOOD label are particularly so, and contextually dense and interesting; WETNAP's album is also highly noteworthy. But in this day and age, maybe it has to have that kind of impact to have physical appeal. That's what it means to stick with someone.
The label info introduction is also dense at the level of "What are you talking about...! The album starts out "slow" enough to make you feel like you're getting ready for the album, but then it goes into the late 70's Vancouver punk/garage obscure sound and the melodic POP sound. The drive is further accelerated by the rough performance. Personally, I don't feel like listening to it as melodic music, but I think its depth and diversity of hooks, depending on the listener's background, are also appealing.


Side A
2.Summer Solstice, Fern In A Dream
4.Now, I Know

Side B
2.Life Is Beautiful
5.Cold Inside

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