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yokujitsu - "KALT" (CD)

yokujitsu - "KALT" (CD)

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Tokyo psychedelic rock band YOKUJITSU, which previously handled EPs on cassette tape, released their first album "KALT" on November 1, 2023 on their own label, Snake Dog Recordings, which is also in stock at 3LA.
The EP of singles previously in stock had not yet revealed the band's full profile, but listening to the album-sized version has finally revealed its outlines. The floating psychedelic sound and the stoner/doom context is certainly true, but there is no such a dreary pre-classic rock sound or dynamic swell in the performance of the songs as I expected. Rather, the opposite is true: the eight songs are refined with the simplicity and sharpness of modern post-punk and indie rock. The album size is minimalistic as well as the performance. It is not hard. It's something latent inside.
But this kind of music is much better to listen to on an album for a long time than to listen to on an EP. There is also a music video featuring Yasujima Yuki (Oyamadadaisanmyaku).

1. Exploit 04:10
2. Forgot 04:40
3. Just Vibes 05:25
4. Books...? feat.安島夕貴 03:46
5. Days 09:34
6. Fault 05:31



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