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ZANNIE - "How Do I Get That Star"(LP:Purple)

ZANNIE - "How Do I Get That Star"(LP:Purple)

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American SSW Zannie's debut album, released in 2022, is now available from Kill Rock Stars in 1st press color.

Four years in the making, this album is "a concept album based on the story of a lost alien who finds his way home.

The quality of each song is high, and the music videos have a sci-fi element to them. comes to mind, but an interesting point is that it is not the typical "self-focused jacket" of SSW. If anything, it's a winner if you buy it after identifying the jackets that don't reflect you.

FFO:Feist, Anna Burch, Dana Gavanski

1.mechanical bull
2.a rose for every puppet
3.get that star
5.for a while
6.forest flesh
7.poison plant of rose pain
9.route 32
10.holy ghosted

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