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ぺんぎんの憂鬱(Penguin no Yuuutsu) - "特大夢(Tokudaimu)" (CD)

ぺんぎんの憂鬱(Penguin no Yuuutsu) - "特大夢(Tokudaimu)" (CD)

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Manic Depression Alternative, Penguins' Melancholy

Be sure to check out the 3LA Japanese Rock section.
As the name "Manic Depression Alternative" (is there such a genre?) suggests, this Japanese rock album is a soundtrack to the social problems of our time, as technology accelerates the pace of change in human lifestyles.
This album is a counterpart to "Aimaimu," which arrived at the same time. The former album is more "manic" in style, while this one is more "depressive.
The first track, "Entai" also starts off with a riff-based song with a much lower BPM than the previous one, which is also good.
The cover of the album is also similar to that of the first album with its 8-bit anime/game reference artwork, and it is an analogy between computers, technology, and subcultures, which are inextricably linked to mental health issues in modern society, which have become more serious since 2010.
I feel that the sense of the music in this area also reflects the music of the youth, even if subconsciously. As I wrote in the "Aimaimu" section, I think people who like depressing Hitsujibungaku, downt, etc. would also find this music interesting.
The music is important for healing, and it seems to be composed of two parts, "Aimaimu" and "Tokudaimu". Overall good.


1.延滞 / Entai



4.特大夢 / Extra Large Dream

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