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明日の叙景(asunojokei) - "アイランド " (CD)

明日の叙景(asunojokei) - "アイランド " (CD)

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2022 album proves that the post-black you thought Deafheaven killed was in the grip of Epic of Tomorrow, and it's insanely good!

The 2022 Epic of Tomorrow album is a mess. It represents the times, but also doesn't embrace everything. Created in the face of its own identity, "Island" has a lot of meaning. I am not sure if the genre name "post-black metal" is necessary, but I dare to say that it is still "post-black metal. I think they have reached an expression that could only be born here in Japan.

I had thought that their next album would be in the same direction as their previous EP, but after listening to the completed album one or two times, I felt that this was going to be a great album. I thought that they themselves had killed the post-black music that was led by Deafheaven and others in the late 2010s with "Infinite Granite" (2021), but I was wrong. In fact, the impact of the masterpiece "Sunbather" has gradually been lost as many of its followers have copied it in a self-propagating manner, but "Island" is a work that evokes the same quality of light as "Sunbather," and at the same time, it clarifies the identity of music from Japan, an island country (Island = Japan). The title of "Island" is reminiscent of the same light as "Sunbather," and at the same time, it also clarifies the identity of "Island" as music from the island nation of Japan (it's in katakana, after all). It is a mental image of the lost past, and it is kindness that imagines the future. This is a black metal version of Happiando's "Kazemachi Roman". A fusion of melancholic black metal that follows the previous work with visual-kei and ani-song elements that can be said to be the background of the modern Japanese, like Laputa in the latter period... This is the feeling of summer.

Already released digitally, this is a must have for those who want to add the CD to their collection.


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