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ASPIDISTRAFLY - "Altar of Dreams"(LP:Pink)

ASPIDISTRAFLY - "Altar of Dreams"(LP:Pink)

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ASPIDISTRAFLY, released in 2022, is the third album by Singaporean duo April Lee and Rick's Ang, and their first in 10 years since the release of A Little Fable in 2011. It is released from KITCHEN.LABEL, which is run by member Ricks himself.

The music video for “The Voice of Flowers,” which was released earlier, was produced with longtime friends haruka nakamura, Hibiki Ichinose, and Shin Araki. Various instruments such as piano, saxophone, flute, and strings are layered on top of each other to envelop April's benevolent and gentle voice. The video is so beautiful that it brings tears to the eyes, assuring us that spring will surely arrive here after the harsh winter.

The title track, “Alter of Dreams,” was inspired by a Shiseido commercial in the 1980s featuring one of Japan's top models, Sayoko Yamaguchi. The aesthetic sound that beautifully expresses the beauty that Sayako Yamaguchi exuded also reveals the band's unwavering aesthetic sense.

The album is different from the gentle, nostalgic, and everyday world of “A little fable,” which is a fusion of folk and ambient, creating a new world that is noble, ethereal, and brand-new. The sound quality of the cheap 80's J-pop and ambient pop music that they love to listen to on a daily basis, mixed with elegant strings, is as fluid as spinning a thin thread.

It is a fusion of Singapore's unique avant-garde aesthetic and culture and Japan's nostalgic aesthetic. What would you call it if you didn't call it art?

The beautiful azalea pink color of the record overlaps with April's trademark pink hair color and the image of the pink jacket of this album. This is a gorgeous vinyl release that incorporates the world view of this work into the vinyl format. *Comes with color vinyl (Azalea Pink), 12P booklet, 4 posters (29 x 29 cm), and stickers.

1. How to Meet a Marblewing
2. The Voice of Flowers
3. Interlude: Chrysalises and Larvae
4. Companion to Owls
5. Moonmilk
6. Interlude: A Ceremonial Ode
7. Altar of Dreams
8. Silk and Satins (Feat. SUGAI KEN)
9. Quintessence

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