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明日の叙景(Asunojokei) – "Awakening" (CD)

明日の叙景(Asunojokei) – "Awakening" (CD)

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Asunojokei's first album, which had been sold out for a long time, has been reissued as a remastered version. The sound has not been changed much by the remastering, but those who have listened to the first album on CD may be able to hear the difference. For me, the change of jacket from paper jacket to jewel case is more significant than the sound, as it allows the album to be placed on the shelf with the EP and 2nd album as one album.
Listening to it again, their sound, which is less pop-oriented and more melancholic, still has the metal feel of the time (as post-black), and my personal attachment to this album is probably greater than that of the 2nd "Island". It may have been a transitional period for the band, but I can say that their sound and performance were unique to this moment. If you know the band from the 2nd album, you should buy the 1st album as well.


1 たえて桜のなかりせば (Spring Of Passion) 6:50
2 火車 (Chain) 4:59
3 「鉤括弧」(“Double Quotation Mark”) 4:46
4 霙 (Sleet) 4:36
5 月の恥じらい (Bashfulness Of The Moon) 11:29
6 醜女化粧 (Ugly Mask) 5:06
7 薄氷 (Thin Ice) 10:17

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