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明日の叙景 (Asunojokei)- "Live Album: Island in Full" (CD)

明日の叙景 (Asunojokei)- "Live Album: Island in Full" (CD)

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The band's first live disc was released as a complete recording of the Tokyo version of "Island in Full," a sold-out one-man live performance of all the songs from "Island" that took place in the summer of 2023.

Although the band has not performed live very often, their performance is unusually high, and the reproduction of the songs is quite high and the sound is good. The sound is also good. In fact, the parameters are so high that even though it is a live recording, it does not feel like a live performance. Some bands play differently in live performances than in sound recordings, or the music itself changes over the course of repeated live performances, but in the case of "Ascension of Tomorrow," I got the impression that the live performance was highly reproducible, and I would like to confirm this when I see them live in the future.

I personally love metal live recordings because of the subtlety of the sound, the roughness of the performance, and the marginality, but the quality of "Chokage of Tomorrow" is so high that it feels like I am listening to something else. No, it's not a bad thing at all. Of course, unlike CD recordings, there is a kind of passion in the performance, so if you like it, you may like this one better.


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