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BALLOND'OR - " Discography" (LP: Transparent Blue)

BALLOND'OR - " Discography" (LP: Transparent Blue)

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Discography of the Japanese band BALLOND'OR, released by Specific Recordings, a Metz, France-based label that releases butch metal and J-Pop music.

At the risk of sounding like I know nothing about the band, their sound is a mess, mixing indie-punk, J-pop, noise, and miscellaneous musical styles and coating them with a dirty 90's-2000's filter that basically ignores the context. Furthermore, due to the nature of this discography (compilation), the songs are taken from several albums in the band's history, so there is no unity to the album, which may have contributed to this impression. However, the logic of the old generation that if a band deviates from the US/UK style, it is a fake is no longer valid, so a band as absurd as this may be more "Japan" to foreign listeners. There are songs like "C.R.E.A.M." and "NOISE YOUTH" that may or may not be the missing link that connects the context with overseas listeners.

The only truth I know is that if the music is not genre-specific, it is unlikely to be released on an overseas label unless the band is doing something as crazy as this.

1. SCUM TRUCK 02:59
2. ICEBOY 03:17
3. 裸の女王様 03:43
4. ブリングリング 04:29
5. ヘルタースケルター 03:29
7. C.R.E.A.M. 03:36
8. NOISE YOUTH 02:34
9. Vanilla Distortion 02:38
10. Strawberry Rider 03:52
12. LGBT 04:48
13. NEO ICECREAM 04:22
14. DREAMS 03:16

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