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Baton Rouge - "Totem" (CD)

Baton Rouge - "Totem" (CD)

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Baton Rouge, formed in Lyon, France by the members of Daitro and 12XU, released their first album "Fragments D'Eux-Mêmes" and 7" EP "Contrepied, Contretemps" in 2011. After releasing their first album "Fragments D'Eux-Mêmes" and a 7" EP "Contrepied, Contretemps" in 2011, the band has been mainly active in live performances for a while without releasing any music, but this year, 2014, they finally broke their silence and released their long-awaited new album "Totem".

The label is a joint release by Purepainsugar (France), Adagio830 (Germany), Bakery Outlet (USA), and LongLegsLongArms (Japan).

After more than two years in the making, the musicianship of this album has been pushed to a much higher level than their previous work, and they have completely deviated from the "indie noise punk" framework that they presented in their early days. The songs are sung with thoughts of the past events they have experienced, the scenery and people who have passed away, and are filled with the philosophy of life and melancholy that only those who have lived through the emo and passionate scene in France can express.

The sound of the album was mastered by Harris Newman, a young and talented Canadian engineer known for his work on Godspeed You! The Japanese version only comes with Japanese translation and liner notes.

1.Le Fixeur 05:42
2.Côte du Py 03:24
3.Cours Tolstoï 04:43
4.Guetter Les Ondées 03:42
5.Totem 02:23
6.Hypn-O-Sonic 07:23
7.Au Gré Du Gel 03:26
8.Train De Nuit 07:13
9.D'année En Année 02:19

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