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Chalk Hands - "Don't Think About Death" (LP: COLOUR IN COLOUR)

Chalk Hands - "Don't Think About Death" (LP: COLOUR IN COLOUR)

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The world's raging emotions are antonyms. Don't Think About Death,” a 2022 release by Brighton, UK's Chalk Hands, sings about living and dying while telling you not to think about death.

I didn't expect to hear a Screamo band on the high street, but Chalk Hands is a good band. The band's voice and sound are shadowy and melancholy, and their music expresses the beauty and fragility of life. Time that has passed. Moments that will never return. The unique humidity, which is different from that of US and EU bands, seems to resonate with Japanese sensibilities. Perhaps Chalk Hands has a nuance that Japan seems to be losing as the four seasons of spring and fall are dying out.

The first press sold out in an instant, and it is thought to be a second press.

1. Fail, Grasp, Restore 05:01
2. A Means To An End 05:18
3. Teeth & Nails 01:49
4. February's New Friend 05:17
5. Les Jours Passent Et Ne Me Ressemblent Pas 02:29
6. A Velleity 05:02
7. Don't Think About Death 04:29
8. The Bridge 05:37

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