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Chinese Football - "Win&Lose" (2xLP)

Chinese Football - "Win&Lose" (2xLP)

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Chinese Football's past records and CDs have all sold out in 3LA, if you think about it. The trilogy of their music and game (is that right?), which is spreading all over the world with the band name buzz of "Chinese Football" as Chinese EMO, is now complete.

The concept of the trilogy has already become clear by the second album, but life is full of peaks and valleys, victories and defeats, but that's not all. But isn't it EMO that can't be measured by that, and isn't it indie rock music that has been close to the private emotions?
Yes, like the original American Football, Chinese Football is more indie rock than EMO. Although the language itself is Chinese, the music is more refined and urbanized with Western context and Japanese city rock (J-Pop) rather than Asian flavor, and the songs, chorus work, and ensemble are definitely better than the previous albums.

The atmosphere of "the end" as the band heads toward the last track is unbelievably good.

1. 游戏胜利 You Win 01:24
2. 四月物语 April Story 04:56
3. 夏日限定女朋友 Summer Limited Girlfriend 04:54
4. 人生游乐场 Amusement Park Life 04:31
5. 世界一分为二 The World Is Splitting in Two 04:53
6. 单向列车号 One Way Train 04:36
7. 游戏失败 You Lose 01:24
8. 人间失格 Human Lost 06:05
9. 恐龙最后还是毁灭了 Dinosaurs went extinct in the end 05:22
10. 植物人 Vegetative Man 04:19
11. 武汉 Wuhan 07:13
12. Good Bye 07:43

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