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Dead Bird - "In The Absence Of"(LP)

Dead Bird - "In The Absence Of"(LP)

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New band from the UK, Dead Bird's album arrives on Dog Knights. The new sound is in the same mold of the old, old passion.

The dissonance of the early 2000's and the sense of elation and immersion that comes from repeating riffs over and over again, are all part of the band's unique style of playing that is conscious of the length of time. It seems to go against the grain of today's fast-paced society, yet there is something essential in the expression of emo and hardcore in terms of music and human consciousness.

1. Shell That Echoes Only 07:36
2. Division By Zero 04:03
3. As Sunflowers Rise 06:12
4. Sallow 03:03
5. The Tempo And Violence Of Living 05:07
6. Serpents And Synonyms 04:05
7. That Part Of Wonder That Is Mine 03:56
8. Mono No Aware 04:56

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