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Detrytus - "The Sense of Wonder" (CD)

Detrytus - "The Sense of Wonder" (CD)

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In 2024, I casually found a Detetrytus CD on a shelf.
I was astonished the moment I put it in the player and played it through the speakers. What a sound!

I had no idea what I was getting when it arrived around 2015.” I was writing with the key word “discordant,” but that's not what this is essentially about. The meaning of the title, “a kind of strange feeling one gets from being exposed to a certain object, a work of science fiction or nature,” finally rang true to me over time and in this day and age: the original sound of the 90s Dischord, slowcore, etc., while resonating at the time with elements that are being revived today, was born in this era, and it is a sound that has been around for years. I was impressed by the fact that the original sound was still fresh even after all these years.

It was recorded by Seb Roberts, who is no longer in Japan, which makes it all the more impressive, but there is a synergy between the way he recorded and assembled the sound and the musicality of the band. I wrote at the time that the work diverged from the current scene, for better or worse, but if their sound had been in line with the current (=i.e., trend) of the time, it would have been subtle whether the work would have been timeless in this way. What is post-hardcore? Music that explores the future beyond by trial and error. It is personal.

Both the CD and the record have special boxed jackets and are numbered. The band has retrieved the last of their inventory, which they said was lying in a closet.
True post-hardcore listeners who survived in Japan, be sure to buy it. (And it's cheap too).

The DIY cardboard jacket is in a very clean condition considering its age, however, the condition is not always uniform as a DIY product and there may be some damage to the paper. Please refrain from purchasing if you are nervous.

1. Essence of Life 06:54
2. State of the Masses 05:17
3. Jaki Told 00:51
4. Policy 04:25
5. Sand Dune 08:04
6. Beat Happening 03:04
7. Heavier Things 06:41
8. Make Void Or Empty of Contents 05:29
9. Shine 09:20

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