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Embalming Theatre + Swarrrm - "Split"(CD)

Embalming Theatre + Swarrrm - "Split"(CD)

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Included is a rare track from Hidaka's last live performance at SWARRRM! ! A split between Embalming Theatre, a Swiss grindcore act released in 2007, and SWARRRRM from Kobe, Japan.

Embalming Theatre also includes live tracks, 5 studio tracks + 5 live tracks. The band's grindcore is dirty and gritty.

However, the highlight of this album is SWARRRM's live tracks. The band's last live performance by Hidaka, the previous vocalist of the band, is the main feature of this album, however. Some of the songs are still performed live often, and the raw texture contrasts with the usual studio recordings, which is a nice touch that stirs the imagination as to what is happening at this live venue. The setlist is interesting as well, with songs from the 1st, 2nd, and the split with Muga, etc., being played all over the place.

1 –Embalming Theatre Tsunami Part I: Survived To Be Gangraped
2 –Embalming Theatre Failed At Chainsaw Suicide
3 –Embalming Theatre Dead Garbage III: Barrelled Infants
4 –Embalming Theatre Penis In A Fruit Punch
5 –Embalming Theatre Outro
6 –Embalming Theatre Hormones From The Dead (Live)
7 –Embalming Theatre Someone Else In My Coffin (Live)
8 –Embalming Theatre Get High On A Dead Dog (Live)
9 –Embalming Theatre Do You Hear Me? (Live)
10 –Embalming Theatre Self Devourment (Live)
11 –Swarrrm Scilence (Live)
12 –Swarrrm Brain (Live)
13 –Swarrrm Venom (Live)
14 –Swarrrm Don't Cover Ahead (Live)
15 –Swarrrm Against Again (Live)
16 –Swarrrm H.D.K. (Live)

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