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ENSA - "アラガウ(aragau)" (LP)

ENSA - "アラガウ(aragau)" (LP)

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Gunma's ENSA to release first "Aragau" LP with demos and live performances

Gunma's ENSA has just released their first album "Aragau" + demos and live tracks on a compilation LP from Zegema Beach Records, a joint release by labels from various countries. The sound is a mixture of the "rawness" of Japanese hardcore and the "blackness" of foreign hardcore, and the rough, energetic performance is something different from what is currently being played in Tokyo and other urban areas. I can't describe it in words, so I will leave it to you diggers to find out.

1. アラガウ (Defy) 02:05
2. 雨 (Rain) 01:45
3. 木偶 (Puppet) 01:29
4. 怨嗟 (Grudge) 01:55
5. 貧困 (The Poor) 01:50
6. カオナシ (Expressionless) 01:37
7. 虐待 (Abuse) 02:26
8. 正義 (Justice) 01:26
9. 怨嗟 (demo) 02:26
10. 貧困 (demo) 01:59
11. 依存 (Dependence / demo) 02:14
12. 虐待 (demo) 02:31
13. カオナシ (live) 01:55
14. 虐待 (live) 02:04
15. 正義 (live) 01:29

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