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Gospel - "The Loser" (LP: TRANSPARENT BEER)

Gospel - "The Loser" (LP: TRANSPARENT BEER)

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2000s Chaotic suddenly resurrected with this 2022 album.

2005's "The Moon Is A Dead World" is a masterpiece of 2000s chaotic, but in the 2020s, it suddenly declared its revival and finally released this work, "The Loser". The title of this album is already too awesome, but I felt the loser mentality that underlies this genre, so this title makes a lot of sense to me.

And how about the sound? But I soon realized that this was not the case. The chaotic sound may be deeper in the 2000s, but this album has a mature performance and a passion that has not been lost. The progressive nature of the music is also overwhelmingly perfect, drawing the listener in in a natural way. Why had the band been silent for so many years? The essence of Screamo's prog rock music is so clear that it makes one wonder why they have been silent for so many years. Although the jacket is just a tattered piece of cardboard that has been moved to a new location, I took the liberty of reading it as a criticism of modern society, which is so concerned with looking good on the Internet.

1. Bravo 04:36
2. Deer Ghost 03:24
3. Hhyper 06:04
4. S.R.O. 06:00
5. Tango 05:34
6. White Spaces 03:17
7. Metallic Olives 06:13
8. Warm Bed 05:17

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