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Habak - "Ningún Muro Consiguió Jamás Contener la Primavera / どんな壁も春を閉じこめることはできなかった" (CD)

Habak - "Ningún Muro Consiguió Jamás Contener la Primavera / どんな壁も春を閉じこめることはできなかった" (CD)

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Mexican neoclast Habak "Ningún Muro Consiguió Jamás Contener la Primavera" released in Japan! First domestic release!

Habak, formed in the infamous city of Tijuana, Mexico, is one of the most notable ongoing bands that continue the context of Spanish emocrust. The band's emotional performance, melodies with a sense of desolation, and high expressive power that maintains a sense of drama and tension even in long songs are similar to those of Ictus, and the band's music has a certain charm. While inheriting the will of their predecessors, the core of their expression is the sadness, despair, and anger they face in the modern world. However, the swirling emotions are sublimated into an art form without being negatively entangled, and the sound is a mixture of classical beauty and the intensity of hardcore punk. There are many slow parts that resonate with Emo/Screamo, but this is expressed not only in the sound, but also in the introspective worldview, lyrics, and artwork by Alex CF, who has worked with Fall Of Efrafa/Light Bearer and many others, which evoke flowers, insects, and organic ecosystems. There is also a deep perspective in the way the system is paired with the capitalistic system created by humans. Their deepest expression has an awareness of issues that we, who live in Japan today, cannot be unaffected by, and this should be reason enough to release their work as a domestic release.
The band has been active since the mid-2010s, and although they have been well known outside of Mexico since the beginning of the 2020s, this is the first time their work has been distributed in Japan, so we recommend you first listen to their full album "Ningún Muro Consiguió Jamás Contener la Primavera" will be released in Japan. It will be released on March 22, 2024 with Japanese bilingual translation.

1. La no violencia es un privilegio / 非暴力は特権
2. No crecen flores aquí solo podagrarias / イワミツバのほかに、ここに花は咲かない
3. No aceptaremos con pasividad el exterminio al que nos han condenado / 私たちに宣告された絶滅を、進んで受け入れはしないだろう
4. Interludio I. En la búsqueda de mis nostalgias / 間奏I. ノスタルジーを求めて
5. Encierro a cielo abierto / 開かれた空への幽閉
6. Hasta que vivir valga la pena / 生きることに価値があるまで
7. Interludio II. Manifiesto contra la productividad / 間奏 II. 生産性への声明
8. En defensa del ocio creativo / 創造的な余暇を守るために
9. Ningún muro consiguió jamás contener la primavera / どんな壁も春を閉じこめることはできなかった

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