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Haru Nemuri - Shunka Ryougen (CD)

Haru Nemuri - Shunka Ryougen (CD)

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I think this is one of the BEST albums of 2022. There is a huge amount of information in music and non-music, so there is a tendency these days to be evaluated in terms of its context and critical nature, but I only believe in the sound story. The message is expressed in sound and style, not lyrics.

In the change of sound from "Haru to Shura" in 2018 to "Lovetheism" in 2020, which gained support from overseas indie enthusiasts, the so-called J-pop sound mixed with various genres and a unique style was completed, but it was not a process of "something else" but of her approaching herself. It is a process of approaching herself, breaking down various barriers, both from an artistic and a social point of view, and moving toward the core of her being, which is a liberation of the spirit.
The album itself is quite conceptual in the way it goes through anger and suffering to reach the theme of life (and its opposite, death), from the beginning "sanctum sanctorum" (meaning the holiest place of the ancient Israelites, see wikipedia) to the end "omega et alpha" (meaning the holiest place of the Israelites, see wikipedia). ) to the final "omega et alpha" (= the first letter of the Greek alphabet, alpha, and the last letter of the Greek alphabet, omega, which means "all" or "eternity"; see wikipedia), a total of 21 songs. I interpret it as literally enclosed.

It is not just venting anger outwardly, not just shouting slogans. It is a concept of confronting one's own inner voice, a sanctuary that is inviolable by all. I feel that the songs here are from such an important place. I think it is very significant that they have created a hybrid J-pop album based on the theme of what it means to be alive and facing oneself in terms of sound. The sound is alive. As a result, the last track "Ikiru" is very pop, but the process to get there is also important, so when you listen to it, you will feel your life~~~.

01. sanctum sanctorum
02. déconstruction
03. don't let go of you
04. dreaming (déconstructed)
05. zzz #sn1572
06. haru-hi bihikigahara
07. sevens heaven
08. pandora
09. iconostasis
10. sisters with Sisters
11. create
12. bang
13. Heart of Gold
14. spring thunder
15. zzz #arabesque
16. old fashioned
17. the forest is on fire
18. Kick in the World(déconstructed)
19. there is only prayer
20. live
21. omega et alpha

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