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Khmer - "Larga sombra" (LP)

Khmer - "Larga sombra" (LP)

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Khmer's evolution never stops, does it?

Since their shocking Japan tour in 2016, the band has toured and performed at various festivals, and will finally perform at the DIY punk festival “FLUFF FEST” in July 2017, which will also feature CHOKEHOLD and DOOM, etc. The release of this album, “Larga sombra”, is a condensation of the essence of Khmer, a band that continues to evolve while adding to the history of the forefront of the Spanish hardcore scene. Larga sombra” is a condensation of the essence of the band Khmer, which continues to evolve while adding to the history of the forefront of the Spanish hardcore scene.

Since the release of their demo in 2012, KHMER has not rested on its laurels, releasing a split with After Forever (Chiba, Japan) in 2013, their first album “Nubes que anuncian tormenta” (2014), and the 2015 release “Livstid (Norway)” (2014). In 2016, the band released “Discography 2012-2015,” a complete collection of their releases to date, in conjunction with a Japan tour invited by 3LA. Although there have been changes in the band members, the core team of vocalist Mario and guitarist Ivan has remained unchanged, and the band has grown while creating the sound and artwork entirely by themselves. However, the evolution of the band's sound that they present on this album is far more symbolic than anything they have done before. From the very beginning of the album, the band roars and gallops with melodic guitar riffs as usual, the songs are stripped down to the bare essentials, and the band ensemble is more solid and edgy than ever before. The band's ensemble is more solid and edgy than ever before, with each member bringing a new element to Khmer and creating chemistry within the band.

Vocalist Mario sings melodies delicately while screeching in his high register, and expressively expresses his melancholy in the hardcore sound.

Guitarist Ivan continues to produce a series of classical and solemn sounding guitar riffs, and even the harmonies that would normally be expressed by twin guitars are completed by himself, with backing vocals that sound as if the entire space is filled with sound, and other new approaches not found in previous Khmer albums. The approach of the two rhythm players who joined the band from the previous album is also excellent.

Bassist Olaia's sound is distorted but not too low-frequency, and she supports the front vocalist and guitarist from a “pull” position, while drummer Michel brings to Khmer a variety of rhythm patterns, furious fill-ins, and impressive use of cymbals.

His passionate playing, which is not only technical, but also sometimes forward and fast, reminds us again that he is not a metal drummer, but a punk drummer. With a strong rhythm section, Khmer's band sound has become more dynamic and dramatic.

Mario and Ivan's songwriting has also evolved steadily. The feedback, experiences, and unity that the band gained during their Japan tour in 2016 has deepened and deepened. Recorded in Ivan's newly opened recording studio in Madrid, where the band can concentrate more on production, this album is sure to be a masterpiece of the band Khmer, which has evolved to a new level and pushed beyond its limits.

It is certain to become a masterpiece of the band Khmer, which has evolved to a new level and pushed through.

Evolution is new expression created through trial and error, and the energy to experiment and fail repeatedly in order to somehow express something that is right in front of you but that you cannot grasp at the moment is the root of art. I hope you will experience the courage to challenge the limits of self-discipline, and the free energy that comes from being free from a sense of entrapment.

1.(I, II) / 長い影
2. Perdiste el filo / 欠刃
3. Corriendo tras el fuego... / 炎の向こうで蹴り立てながら
4. El ardor de la crueldad / 刻薄之回禄
5. A este lado de la luna / 月捲り
6. Lo que deja cicatriz / 傷となるもの
7. Soledad / 孤独
8. ... para ver el mundo arder / 紅蓮の世界へ

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