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Leg Day - " Imagination & Delusion" (CD)

Leg Day - " Imagination & Delusion" (CD)

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Best De-Elaborate Screamo, zero distortion component.

Want to hear a new record from a band that your subs will never recomend, Leg Day from US Pennsylvania, 2022?

The sound is overwhelmingly lo-fi, and the band plays with zero distortion and clean tones.... The vocals are pretty pathetic, but after listening to a few tracks, I began to think, “This is a pretty listenable piece of work! I started to think “This is quite a listenable work!

This may be in the vein of the late 2000s emo revival led by Algernon Cadwallader and others, but this sound is quite good, especially since bands from that era have become legendarry, and reunions have become very exciting.
In fact, this CD is a collection of previously released works plus new songs, but the vibes of the three new songs at the beginning of the CD are overwhelmingly good.

I have a feeling that they should continue to make de-powered Emo/Screamo along this line. Leave the establishing EMO to the majors. I want to hear unique sounds. Anyway, I recommend this CD. And the jacket is nice too.

1. Blazing 02:55
2. Dead Ripe 02:00
3. Le Song 03:49
4. Barenaked Sabbath 02:41
5. Cluttered 02:27
6. Leg 182 02:36
7. Part Simon & All Pinochle 02:18
8. Peanut Butter Knife 02:58
9. Benched 02:56
10. No Nation 01:46
11. Pastel 01:52
12. Appendix 02:21
13. Not Slower 02:21
14. Domesticated 02:02

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