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Mildred - "Pt.2 Deluxe Edition" (CD)

Mildred - "Pt.2 Deluxe Edition" (CD)

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"The roar of shoegaze and noise, the cry of passionate hardcore"

Mildred", a gigantic epic of passion spun by an unknown person in the underground scene in the U.S.
Pt. 2” and ‘Pt. Neither’ are now available on CD in a deluxe Japan-only edition (with bilingual lyrics).

In the U.S., many bands of the younger generation have already emerged and are forming a scene that is different from the old one. Mildred falls into the latter category.

Mildred's sound, which traverses the genres of shoegaze, slowcore, and noise rock with post-rock and hardcore, strongly reflects the ideas shared among their peers.

From Faulkner and Birthday Party to McCarthy and Bambara, Southern Gothic literature and music... The music, which also includes a lot of skramz ideology, is defined by himself as “a reworking of the anarchic ideology of civil disobedience and occult practices”. The words sung and the story spun from the point of view of the poor youth who are deprived of a future in the dark side of 2020's US are very different from the glamorous current indie rock scene, and have a gloomy worldview that unfortunately resonates with contemporary Japan as well.

The album is the culmination of a philosophical and political narrative that reflects his experiences of illness, near-death experiences, and a dating scam to save his friends, as well as a vast amount of text on his website. The album is the culmination of a philosophical and political narrative that reflects these experiences.

1. Writer's Exorcism 04:46
2. Mildred 08:13
3. Drifter's Dream 02:02
4. Schrödinger's Song 04:09
5. Ceiling Fan 03:05
6. Crucifixion 07:58
7. Sun 06:47
8. Judgement 02:49
9. Writer's Death 10:08
10. Plunge 07:49
11. The Hole 02:46
12. I Fall In Love Too Easily 01:20
13. Lullaby 08:05

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