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moreru - "山田花子(yamada hanako)" (CASSETTE TAPE)

moreru - "山田花子(yamada hanako)" (CASSETTE TAPE)

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Cassette version released on Indonesia's Garpfast label.

The answer to what is good about moreru is that they continue to make impulsive music that has nothing to do with the 90's and 00's revival, while most of the new bands that are emerging today are moving toward such a revival. Their edgy attitude is cool.

Their last album "itsuunohinikabokunokotowoomoidasugaii and ......" is a story of the past, a story of noise, grind, EMO, otaku, songs, compressed to the point of being torn apart, and played at an excessive volume. ... The elements of the previous album can still be seen in this album, but the band has changed and the absurdity has gone even more out of control. The mental landscape of Mengele, which is covered with compressed noise and thrown at us one-sidedly without seeking our understanding. Proper names have no meaning. It is impossible to understand anything anymore. But there is something melancholy and POP-like. There needs to be an edge of "What the hell is this? that cannot be understood by the modern senses. The existence of such an edge is what is necessary for the music of today. Meaning within meaninglessness. The answer that there is no answer. Subculture. Death.

1. skrr............ 01:43
2. 知恵 03:26
3. kireta otaku 03:29
4. 海へ行けてなんという 02:17
5. あの夏 (feat. Iida Reo) 04:12
6. 季節 (feat. ~離) 03:27
7. 呪いのビデオ 02:24
8. 主に、傘がないです 03:26
9. 花子、主観 01:39

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