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Noa Mal - "Everything Is Science, Baby"(LP)

Noa Mal - "Everything Is Science, Baby"(LP)

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A 2022 album by Filipino home-recorded SSW Noa Mal and a limited number of vinyl/cassette releases by Japan's galaxy train in 2023, respectively.

Noa Mal has long been supported by some core listeners in Japan, and has been releasing several albums a year, producing lo-fi grunge-pop with home-recorded music. In the early days of his career, he released cassettes, but now he also releases records and CDs.
The gap between the sweet voice and melody and the dull performance and recording may somehow match the Japanese 90's sensibility.

On the other hand, I think it can be evaluated as an alternative to the mainstream indie rock scene, which is becoming increasingly hi-fi. Compete with the songs, not the quality of the sound! That said, her music doesn't change drastically from album to album either. But there are some elements of nuance in the latest album that are a bit different from the past.

1.Intro: Yeah I Believe In God 02:18
2.I'll Never Know 03:40
3.Things You Do 03:30
4.People Talk In Circles 03:39
5.Everytime 01:37
6.Covid Thru The Mail 02:08
7.Congrats 02:54
8.TBH, IDRM 02:53
9.Norepinephrine 01:51
10.Near The Water 01:54
11.If 01:46

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