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Orchid - "Gatefold" (LP: 2023 repress Tan)

Orchid - "Gatefold" (LP: 2023 repress Tan)

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The 2016 pressing sold out a long time ago and is finally being re-pressed in 2023!
A must-have Ebullition release." What is "passion" anyway?

As for the question of what "passion" really is, I personally believe that "passion" = "Ebullition release". So, if you ask me, "Where should I start listening to Ebullition? I would like to start with Orchid. The sound of the early days of Ebullition is good, but the atmosphere created by this album is so decisive and convincing that it feels like something has been completed. The madness that swirls through the entire album is wonderful, and the straightforward, unpretentious sound is very naughty. The nineteen songs are a flood of unbridled intensity, with ideas and passions condensed into songs that are less than a minute in length. The emo-violence of the band's sound cannot be easily described in a few words, but that is why I say, just listen to it! I envy those who haven't heard it yet.

A1 Amherst Pandemonium (Part 1)
A2 Amherst Pandemonium (Part 2)
A3 Chaos Ain't Me
A4 Loft Party
A5 I Wanna Fight
A6 A Visit From Dr. Goodsex
A7 We Love Prison
A8 Fashion Meets Passion
A9 Trail Of The Unkown Body (Instrumental)
A10 Class Pictures
B11 No, We Don't Have Any More T-shirts
B12 Dissadents In Love
B13 Flip The Tape
B14 Anals Nin By Numbers
B15 Tigers
B16 Let's Commodify Sexuality
B17 Discourse Of Desire
B18 None More Black
B19 Impersonating Martin Rev

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